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Hey everybody. I'm Ben and I'm 23 years old. I reside in sunny southwest Florida. "History is kind to those who write it." I plan on history being very kind to me. I have big dreams and bigger expectations of myself. Someday I'd like to finally find a place where I belong. But for now, I'm making the most of what life has to offer. This is a cluster of things I like/love. Don't be a stranger. Say hey. I like new friends. =)
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did u go 2 fgcu/ did u like it/ can u just talk about it/ lol thanks
prettygoodforleftovers prettygoodforleftovers Said:

I currently do go to FGCU. Personally, I love it. I’ve been to other schools around Florida and FGCU was my favorite I’ve seen, which is why I go there. It’s a big school but it isn’t too big, around 14,000 students. The campus is beautiful, there’s a lot of great waterfront, and the landscaping and structure of everything gives it a big school feel while also making you feel at home. It’s a great academic institution on top of being very aesthetically pleasing. It has one of the best Education programs in the country and is the only school in Florida that is nationally accredited in Education.

But regardless of what you want to study, FGCU has great programs for just about any field of study. We just got brand new medical facilities for our med/nursing students and we’re still growing. FGCU is also one of the top 5 greenest schools in the United States and is always researching and developing new and innovative ways to conserve energy. We’re leading the pack among American universities when it comes to that.

The food on campus is really good and there are a lot of great dining options that fit any kind of diet. And if you’re not feeling the food on campus and want to do something else, there are great options within 2 miles in either direction of the school, and they’re awesome options for any kind of budget. We have awesome athletics as well. Most people know us for Dunk City, but our baseball program is great too. We’ve had a ton of players get drafted really high out of our baseball program, most notably Chris Sale who is playing incredibly for the Chicago White Sox right now. FGCU is always buzzing with something that’s going on. There are always events on campus and there’s never a dull moment. FGCU feels like a big family, it has a great feel, and to me, it has everything anyone could want in a university. 

Allegri’s tenure at Milan did not end well. I saw it happen. I wasn’t impressed by it. But when the man had talent at his disposal, he worked well with it. His failures came when he lost a top 5 striker in the world, a top 5 defender in the world and his other starting centerback (who made one of the best central defenses in world football), and the rest of the glue that held his starting lineup together. Milan were also in a financial crisis that seems to be ongoing and it’s clear that Allegri wasn’t the root of the problems. 

As much as Andrea Agnelli and Beppe Marotta would love people to believe Juventus are in dire times in regards to finances, Juventus are one of the top earning teams in the world and continue to grow financially due to sole ownership of their grounds which is a HUGE deal. Juve’s revenue is massive and unless something catastrophic happens, Juventus won’t have to deal with the horrors Milan have been suffering for the last few years. Juventus aren’t losing the best players in the world at their positions, they’re not having key players retire or go elsewhere; Juve is in good shape. Allegri is a solid manager when he has talent, and talent he has in abundance at Juventus. He won a Scudetto, he won a Supercoppa, and he had a 2nd place finish before everything fell apart and he had nothing to work with. 

I’m going to be optimistic about this until I see match results that lead me to feel otherwise. And I think the rest of the juventini should feel the same way.